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Coco Bongo Round Transfer & Entrance to the Show

Quick Details

Reg Mon Ages 18+
Reg Sun-Tues-Wed-Thurs Ages 18+
Reg Fri-Sat Ages 18+
Reg Tues & Sun Ladies Night Ages 18+
Gold Sun-Mon Ages 18+
Gold Fri-Sat Ages 18+
Royal Sun-Mon Ages 18+
Royal Fri-Sat Ages 18+
FR Sun-Mon Ages 18+
FR Fri-Sat Ages 18+

Come experience the Latin American nightclub with a unique and interactive concept!

The night has just begun, lights, drinks and lots of fun await you at Coco Bongo, the Latin American nightclub with a unique and interactive concept, with more than 30 shows per night in the style of Las Vegas, mixing music from all genres for dancing. Enjoy incredible imitations of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Queen, acrobatic shows and the live performance of famous movie scenes based on films such as Phantom of the Opera, Captain America, Spiderman or Tron. You can’t miss this experience full of entertainment and fun!

Modality Regular

  • Admissión • Shows
  • Domestic Open Bar until 03:00am
  • Round Trip Transportation

Modality Gold Inclusions of the Regular Modality and also:

  • Preferred Entrance
  • Access to the Gold Member Area with a reserved seat with limited capacity of 120 people
  • Personalized service

Modality Royal Inclusions of the Gold Modality and also:

  • Unlimited Bottle Service from our Premium Open Bar Menu
  • Access to the Royal Service Area with a reserved table with a limited capacity of 10 tables

Modality Front Row Inclusions of the Royal Modality and also:

  • Premium Open Bar until 03:30am
  • Access to the Gold Member Area, especially to the Diamond section with a reserved seat just in front of the stage

Meeting Point:

If you are not staying at a hotel or within the coverage area, you will be informed of a meeting point 24 hours before the activity.


  • According to the selected mode