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Roman Forum and The Palatine with optional Walking Tour through the Imperial Rome

Quick Details

Roman Forum and The Palatine
Adult +12
Child 3-11
Infant 0-2
Roman Forum + Walking Tour


Your journey will begin amidst the storied ruins of the Roman Forum, the epicenter of political, religious, and social life in the ancient city.
As you stand amidst the remnants of temples, arches, and basilicas, an expert guide will transport you through time, weaving tales of the Forum’s significance and the vibrant events that unfolded within its historic grounds. Explore the interiors and unlock the secrets held by this archaeological marvel.

Opt for a complete experience by choosing our walking tour, where you will start by visiting the exteriors of the Colosseum, an iconic symbol of Roman engineering and entertainment. Take time to absorb its grandeur from various vantage points, capturing the essence of its role as the epicenter of ancient Roman entertainment.

Continue your exploration to Circo Massimo, a colossal stadium that once dominated as the primary entertainment venue.

Journey to the representation of Luperca, the legendary she-wolf associated with the founding of Rome. Delve into captivating narratives that trace the city’s origins through myth and history.

Descend towards the Portico of Octavia, imagining its former grandeur as a bustling temple and market hub. Connect with the echoes of a bygone era amidst the now-ruined architecture.

Conclude your tour with a stroll to the legendary ‘Boca della Verità,’ where a captivating legend claims it bites the hand of those speaking falsehoods. Dare to test the myth?

This walking tour promises not just a visual feast of architecture but also a profound journey into the narratives that shaped one of the most influential periods in human history.


  • Access to Roman Forum and Palatine with our guide
  • Guided tour with a professional guide through Rome (if you choose the option)


  • Food and drinks
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Entrance to Colosseum or other monuments


⇒ Take note that, if you choose the optional walking tour, the journey will finish at Bocca della Verità