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Discover how José Arozarena has led Amigo Tours to success in the tourism industry!

Jose Arozarena, CEO, Amigo Tours

José Arozarena, the CEO of Amigo Tours, is a determined visionary leader who has transformed the company into a thriving hospitality and tourism business. His journey began at a young age when he started a small computer business and later worked as a DJ to save money and travel across Europe. A transformative trip to Australia opened his eyes to the potential of the hostel industry, and he returned to Mexico with the dream of opening his own world-class hostel.


José launched Hostel Amigo with his business partner, a 180-bed hostel that quickly became the largest in Latin America. The hostel’s success came from its amenities and services, as well as José’s hands-on approach, which included working at reception, cleaning rooms, and managing accounts. This practical experience allowed him to learn from his successes and failures as he expanded the hostel chain to six locations across Mexico.


Amigo Tours start operations

In 2010, José’s vision expanded further with the launch of Amigo Tours. He bought a bus and began offering tours to his hostel guests, later acquiring more buses and partnering with a Mexican tour agency. His persistence paid off when he secured a partnership with Viator, a leading online travel platform, paving the way for Amigo Tours to expand beyond Mexico, establishing operations in Brazil, the UK, and Spain.


José’s success is attributed to his unwavering determination, constant learning, and commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences. The most significant qualities that have helped José achieve his goals are determination, visionary leadership, customer focus, creativity, and team empowerment.

Thomas J. Abercrombie et al. standing in front of a sign

José has demonstrated outstanding ability to foster creativity and innovation within his organization. He recognizes that the best ideas come from employees and customers, and has implemented various strategies to encourage and capture these ideas. His revolutionary approach has been instrumental in Amigo Tours’ meteoric rise to become one of the largest tour operators globally.


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