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05 Things to do in Taxco, Guerrero

Taxco, Guerrero a colonial city in Mexico

Taxco is a colonial city located in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Known for its silver mines and historic architecture, Taxco is a popular tourist destination for visitors from around the world. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or just a relaxing getaway, Taxco has something for everyone. Let’s explore some of the top attractions and things to do in this beautiful city.

Taxco, Guerrero – A Charming Mexican City Full of History and Culture

01.- The Santa Prisca Church – A Must-See Attraction in Taxco

One of the top attractions in Taxco is the Santa Prisca Church, a stunning Baroque-style church built in the 18th century. Its intricate facade and ornate interior are sure to impress visitors, and the church is also home to a museum showcasing the history of Taxco and its silver mines.

Santa Prisca Church in Taxco, Guerrero Mexico

02.- Explore the Streets and Markets of Taxco

One of the best ways to experience Taxco is to simply walk its charming streets and explore its vibrant markets. The city is known for its silver jewelry, so be sure to check out the shops and stalls selling unique pieces.

Downtown Taxco Guerrero Mexico

03.-The Teleférico – A Scenic Ride with Breathtaking Views

For a truly unforgettable experience, take a ride on the Teleférico – a cable car that offers stunning views of the city and surrounding mountains. The ride takes you to the top of a hill where you can visit a small chapel and enjoy the panoramic views.

04.-Visit the Cacahuamilpa Caves – A Natural Wonder Near Taxco

Just a short drive from Taxco, the Cacahuamilpa Caves are a natural wonder worth exploring. These massive underground caverns feature stunning rock formations and unique wildlife, and guided tours are available to help you navigate the labyrinthine passages.

Cacahuamilpa Caves near of Taxco

05.-Relax and Enjoy the Charm of Taxco

Finally, don’t forget to simply relax and enjoy the charm of Taxco. The city is full of hidden treasures and quiet corners that are perfect for a peaceful stroll or a romantic evening.