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Amigo Tours Invests in Maya Community of Yaxunah

Yaxunah view

We are pleased to announce that Amigo Tours has made a significant investment in the Maya community of Yaxunah to help preserve their cultural heritage and natural environment.

This community is known for its rich history and Maya traditions, as well as the presence of important archaeological sites that are of great cultural and touristic value.

Thanks to Amigo Tours investment, the people of Yaxunah now have tools and resources to care for and preserve their archaeological sites, as well as to keep their cultural traditions alive.

Initiatives funded by Amigo Tours include training programs in environmental and cultural preservation, as well as the provision of equipment and materials for the maintenance and cleaning of archaeological sites.

Budhia Singh et al. around each other

This investment not only benefits the Maya community of Yaxunah, but it also demonstrates Amigo Tours commitment to preserving cultural heritage and the environment throughout the country.

We are proud to support this project and look forward to continuing to work together with the Yaxunah community to preserve and share their rich culture and heritage.

For more information about this project, please contact us through our website or social media.

Sincerely, The Amigo Tours team.