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The 05 Best Mexico City Tours 2023

A view of teotihuacan

The Mexico City offers something for everyone: from historical sites like Teotihuacan and Tlatelolco Plaza to modern attractions like Chapultepec Park or Polanco neighborhood (where you can find some great restaurants). There are also many museums where you can learn more about Mexican culture and history–or just take a break from sightseeing with an afternoon at an art gallery or museum exhibit.

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico City in 2023, make sure to include this amazing tours in your itinerary!


Teotihuacan Tour & Basilica of Guadalupe

The Teotihuacan Tour is one of the best Mexico City tours and it includes a visit to the ancient ruins, which are located just 30 minutes away from Mexico City. The city was founded around 100 BC by a group of people who were looking for a place where they could settle down and live peacefully. They built their homes on top of an old volcano, which gave them great protection from enemies who wanted to attack them or steal their belongings.

The tour also includes visiting Basilica de Guadalupe, which is one of the most important religious sites in Mexico and attracts millions of visitors each year. This church has been visited by many famous people such as Pope John Paul II as well as President Barack Obama when he visited Mexico City back in 2012!

Book your Teotihuacan Tour and Basilica of Guadalupe.

Teotihuacan in Mexico City Tours

Mexico City Tours Teotihuacan


Xochimilco, Coyoacan & Frida Kahlo Museum Tour

Experience the vibrant colors and flavors of Mexico on this half-day tour. Navigate the canals of Xochimilco aboard a colorful trajinera, a traditional boat decorated with flowers and symbols of Mexican culture.

Explore the bohemian neighborhood of Coyoacan, home to beautiful colonial buildings, quaint plazas, and the famous Casa Azul, the former home of Frida Kahlo and now a museum dedicated to her life and art.

Book your Xochimilco, Coyoacan & Frida Kahlo Museum Tour.

Xochimilco and Trajineras in Mexico City

Xochimilco and Trajineras in Mexico City


Mexican Night: Lucha Libre, Mariachi & Tequila

Get ready for a night of fun and excitement with this unique tour. Start the evening with a traditional Mexican dinner, then head to the Arena Mexico to witness the high-flying, acrobatic moves of Lucha Libre wrestlers.

Marvel at the colorful masks and costumes, and cheer for your favorite wrestler as they battle it out in the ring. After the show, enjoy a mariachi performance and taste some of Mexico’s finest tequila.

Book your Mexican Night: Lucha Libre, Mariachi & Tequila.

Mexican Wrestling in Mexico City (Lucha Libre Mexicana)

Mexican Wrestling in Mexico City (Lucha Libre Mexicana)


Palaces and Historical Buildings of Mexico City Tour

Take a step back in time on this walking tour of Mexico City’s historic center. Admire the grandeur of the Palacio de Bellas Artes, a beautiful Art Nouveau building that houses Mexico’s most important cultural events.

Visit the National Palace, where you can see Diego Rivera’s famous murals depicting Mexico’s history. Then, explore the Templo Mayor, the largest and most important temple of the Aztec empire.

Book your Palaces and Historical Buildings of Mexico City Tour.

Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City

Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City


Tacos, Exotic Food & Local Markets of Mexico City

Embark on a culinary adventure on this delicious tour of Mexico City. Taste a variety of tacos and other street foods at local markets and food stalls, including some exotic and unusual delicacies.

Learn about the history and traditions behind Mexican cuisine, and discover the best places to eat like a local. You’ll also have the chance to sample some traditional drinks, such as pulque and mezcal.

Book your Tacos, Exotic Food & Local Markets of Mexico City.

A local market in Mexico City

A local market in Mexico City


Don’t miss out on these incredible Mexico City tours in 2023!


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Part of Mexico City’s cultural heritage is the local cuisine and exciting market stalls. The markets especially are a picturesque view of the local life of Mexico City rife with activities and are a great attraction for tourists, chefs, and food enthusiasts worldwide. The markets in CDMX range from simple open-air stalls to grand malls several blocks large. We will be taking a look at some of the best in the city.