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Mexico City Tours & Activities

Discover Mexico City’s Food, Culture, and History on Our Tours

There are many activities to experience and places to visit while you are in Mexico City, such as exploring the city, museums, wrestling matches, and even theme parks! Plan your trip in Mexico City today by choosing a tour below.


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Discover the magic of Teotihuacan and Basilica of Guadalupe with our Tour! Explore the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon, walk through the ancient ruins. Then, visit the stunning Basilica of Guadalupe, one of the most important religious sites in Mexico.

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The ancient style, tradition, and cultural heritage of Mexico City were not abandoned through the years but have been imbued in the city structures and people. With this guided tour, you will be able to enjoy different neighborhoods of the city and see the cultural and lifestyle differences between them.

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Mexico City has a historical foundation from when it was the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan.  Today has many cathedrals and palaces that you can still find scattered around the city. With this tour you will visit the National Bank, the Post Building, The National Museum of Art, and the Bellas Artes Palace.

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Part of Mexico City’s cultural heritage is the local cuisine and exciting market stalls. The markets especially are a picturesque view of the local life of Mexico City. From butchers and abattoirs with exotic meat to families with their children haggling over street food. The markets are rife with activities and are a great attraction for tourists, chefs, and food enthusiasts worldwide. The markets in CDMX range from simple open-air stalls to grand malls several blocks large. We will be taking a look at some of the best in the city.

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Come have fun, get excited, and feel the passion of the best wrestling in the world, Mexican wrestling in Mexico City! Get firsthand experience with this amazing sport, let the Mariachi dedicate a song for you in Garibaldi square, and learn about Mexico’s favorite drink: tequila!

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Discover the secrets of Pre-Hispanic Mexico through a historical tour of the Museum of Anthropology and the Templo Mayor Museum, two sites that complement each other and reveal the pre-Hispanic secrets of central Mexico.

Also have the opportunity to make it a two day tour adding a visit to Teotihuacan