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Llano Grande Waterfalls Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages +11
Child Ages 4-10
Infant Ages 0-3

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Sierra Madre del Sur in Oaxaca, a haven of rich biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. This captivating adventure begins departing from Huatulco bays and ventures towards the picturesque town of San Miguel del Puerto, nestled amidst the mountains.

As you ascend through the winding paths, the lush vegetation transforms, offering a symphony of colors and sounds that harmonize with the rhythm of the jungle. The journey itself is an invitation to reconnect with nature, allowing a sense of tranquility and awe to wash over you.

The natural landscape presents itself as a masterpiece, inviting you to capture stunning photographs and immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere. Along the way, you’ll encounter small waterfalls that cascade into inviting pools. At the main waterfall, a tranquil oasis awaits, inviting you to swim.

Afterward, you will go to a finca, where a sumptuous meal awaits. Prepared by traditional local cooks, the flavors are a celebration of authentic Oaxacan cuisine, transporting your taste buds on a journey of delight. As part of the cultural experience, an herbalist will enlighten you about the healing properties of the region’s native plants. You’ll have the chance to shop for unique local products, connecting with the essence of this vibrant community.

Relish in the tranquility of nature, savor the flavors of Oaxacan cuisine, and immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Sierra Madre del Sur. This unforgettable journey will leave you with cherished memories and a deep appreciation for the wonders that exist within this extraordinary corner of the world.


  • Discover the natural wonders of Sierra Madre del Sur
  • Explore the hidden pools and picturesque waterfalls of San Miguel del Puerto
  • Engage in a guided walking tour along a scenic riverside trail
  • Refresh your senses by swimming and diving in a crystal-clear waterfall
  • Delight in an exquisite traditional meal prepared by local cooks


  • Professional bilingual guide
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Liability insurance


  • Community fee of 250 MXN per person, which covers entrance fees and food
  • Optional gratuities