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How Many Days Do You Need for Spain?

How Many Days Do You Need for Spain? A Comprehensive Travel Guide

Are you planning a trip to Spain and wondering how many days you need to fully explore this country? You can make the most of your trip and experience the best of Spain in 10 days.

With its rich history, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and beautiful landscapes, Spain offers a wealth of experiences for travelers to enjoy. In this travel guide, we’ll break down the must-visit destinations in Spain and suggest an ideal itinerary for your trip.

The must-visit destinations in Spain and Travel Itinerary


Day 1-2: Barcelona

Start your trip in the dynamic city of Barcelona, located in the region of Catalonia. Spend your first day exploring the famous works of architect Antoni Gaudí, including the Sagrada Família, Park Güell, and Casa Batlló. Take a stroll down Las Ramblas, visit the Gothic Quarter, and enjoy some tapas in the lively El Born neighborhood. On your second day, head to Montjuïc for panoramic views of the city, visit the Picasso Museum, and relax at the beach.

a large building with many windows

Day 3-4: Madrid

Take a high-speed train to the Spanish capital, Madrid, for days 3 and 4 of your trip. Explore the historic city center, including the Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol, and Retiro Park. Visit the world-renowned Prado Museum to admire masterpieces by artists like Velázquez and Goya. Don’t miss the vibrant food scene in Madrid, with its bustling markets, traditional tapas bars, and modern restaurants.


Day 5-6: Seville

Fly or take a train to Seville, located in the southern region of Andalusia. Immerse yourself in the rich flamenco culture, visit the stunning Alcázar palace, and climb the Giralda tower for panoramic views of the city. Explore the historic Jewish Quarter of Santa Cruz, stroll along the Guadalquivir River, and indulge in some local cuisine.

a tall building in Toledo

Day 7-8: Granada

Travel to Granada, known for its majestic Alhambra palace and beautiful Generalife gardens. Spend your first day exploring this UNESCO World Heritage site, with its intricate Moorish architecture and stunning views of the city. On your second day, wander through the historic Albayzín neighborhood, visit the Cathedral and Royal Chapel, and enjoy some tapas in the local bars.


Day 9-10: Costa del Sol

Finish your trip with some relaxation on the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol. Choose from popular destinations like Marbella, Malaga, or Nerja, and soak up the sun, swim in the Mediterranean Sea, and indulge in some fresh seafood.


5 tours that you must do in Spain

  1. Sagrada Familia & Park Güell Tour
  2. Day Tour to Toledo and Segovia
  3. Prado & Reina Sofia Museums Tour
  4. Seville Alcazar & Cathedral Tour
  5. Alhambra Palace & Generalife Gardens Tour
You can make the most of your trip and experience the best of Spain in 10 days

Of course, Spain has much more to offer, including other beautiful cities like Valencia, Bilbao, and Toledo, as well as the picturesque island of Ibiza, the stunning Pyrenees mountains, and the famous wine region of Rioja. Depending on your interests and travel style, you may need more or less time to explore Spain fully. But with 10 days, you can experience some of the country’s highlights and create unforgettable memories.


In conclusion, Spain is a diverse and captivating destination that offers something for every traveler. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, art, food, or simply relaxing on beautiful beaches, Spain has it all. With the suggested itinerary above, you can make the most of your trip and experience the best of Spain in 10 days