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Contrasts of Mexico City’s Neighborhoods Cable Car & Bus Private Tour

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Enjoy different neighborhoods of the Mexico city and see the culture and lifestyles!

Mexico City is an animated and interesting metropolis. And with such a vibrant city you can expect there to be a wide range of districts. On this tour, you will get to introduce yourself to some of the different áreas of the city and learn more about the people living in them.

See all the most iconic areas of Mexico City have to offer on a comfortable bus ride and also you will have the opportunity to take a ride on the CDMX’s cable car transportation, Cablebús. The citizens use this form of transportation for their daily activities but it has its added perks. A ride on the cable car will give you an awesome view of the bundled houses below, along with a peek at the volcanoes of the Sierra de Santa Catarina through the mist.

For a taste of the CDMX’s history, the city of Centro Historico is your best bet. Just like the name implies, it is the city’s historical center. There are a host of historical landmarks on offer here in the city, including old palaces and cathedrals, all ripe for exploration. The urban lifestyle of Lomas attracts those looking for a more luxurious feel to the city. Here you will find one of the biggest urban parks in the world – The Chapultepec. While in wealthy areas, Polanco is another place for you. The city has an offering of upscale restaurants, hotels, and expensive boutique stores for those looking for a luxurious adventure. Santa Fe is more like the financial heartbeat of Mexico City. The city’s business district is located here, with western-style architecture in the buildings and shopping malls in the area.

Do not miss this opportunity to discover in deep the capital of Mexico and learn more about its culture and the people who live in it.

Explore Polanco, La Roma, Coyoacán, and San Juan for a Unique Experience


  • Discover the diversity of CDMX
  • Enjoy views of the city from the cable car
  • Get to visit corners that tourists normally don’t visit
  • Learn about the culture and daily life of CDMX


  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Private guide
  • Cable car ride


  • Food and drinks
  • Optional tips