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National Museum of Anthropology Tour

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Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 3-12

Explore the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City

Immerse yourself in the pre-Columbian history and culture of Mexico on this guided tour of the National Museum of Anthropology. Learn fascinating facts about the Aztec and Mayan civilizations as you admire ancient remains, stone statues, and reconstructed tombs.

Head to the National Museum of Anthropology, the largest and most visited in Mexico. Begin your exploration on the ground floor, slowly uncovering the museum’s thousands of archaeological artifacts. Listen as our local guide reveals the mythology of Mesoamerican cultures and how they have influenced modern Mexican society. You will be visiting one of the most important buildings in Latin America, which houses rooms with pre-Hispanic evidence of the Mexicas, Mayas, Toltecs, and more ethnic cultures!

Marvel at Ancient Artifacts and Tombs of Mesoamerican Civilizations

Marvel at the colossal stone heads of the Olmec civilization, dating back to the Early Preclassic period. Enter the Mayan room to see a large collection of amazing murals, as well as a replica of the intricate lid from Pakal’s tomb. Just down the hall, you’ll discover a small-scale model of the ancient capital of Tenochtitlan, the area known today as Mexico City. Here you can also find the centerpiece of the museum’s collection, the Aztec Stone of the Sun. Dating back to the 1400s, this calendar has been hailed by archaeologist Zelia Nullal as the “remarkable monument ever discovered on the American continent.”

The day of discovery ends on the top floor, where the galleries offer information about the current indigenous populations. See how the descendants of the Aztecs and Mayans coexist today, with objects ranging from household items to art and religious artifacts.

It is, without a doubt, a unique experience to learn about the history of Mexico and better understand its way of life today. Do not miss it!

Book now you Guided Tour of the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City


  • Do not miss the opportunity to see the Stone of the Sun, better known as the Aztec calendar
  • Learn more about the cultures that populated Mexico hundreds of years ago
  • Discover the history of Mexico on a guided tour


  • Monolingual guide (English or Spanish)
  • Entrance to the National Museum of Anthropology


  • Optional tips
  • Meals and drinks
  • Photos and souvenirs

Meeting Points:

  • At the flagpole in front of the main entrance to the Museum of Anthropology at 08:50 a.m.