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Ticket to Mitla

Quick Details

Adult Ages 12+
Child Ages 3-11

Skip the line and visit Mitla, the Place of the Dead

Walk among Mitla, a Mixtec-Zapotec ruin noted for the well-preserved, detailed geometric masonry. Learn first-hand why the name Mitla comes from the Nahuatl word Mictlan – the place of the underworld.

Mitla, an ancient ceremonial center, includes two cross-shaped tombs, a promenade of strong stone columns, and an elevated suite of ornate rooms once occupied by the Zapotec high priest for you to learn about and explore.

On your way out, take in a beautiful cactus garden growing in the archaeological park. At the gates of the ruins, shop at the local craft market hosting folk art goods.

• Explore the ruins of the mysterious ruins of Mitla, named after the underworld
• Be amazed by the unique style of ancient Mixtec-Zapotec architecture
• Learn about a special mixture of ancient civilizations that lived in Mitla
• See where the Zapotec high priests practiced their religion in the ruins
• Walk through a cactus garden, and buy local folk art made in Mexico