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Maras and Moray Complete Tour

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Adult Ages 14+
Child Ages 3-13
Infant Ages 0-2

Its believed that Moray was an experimental agricultural station!

Your day will begin when we pick you up at your hotel and take you to the town of Moray. This complex is home to old buildings consisting mostly of huge circular depressions of land, the largest of which is about 30 meters deep. The purpose of its creation is uncertain, but because of its depth and orientation with respect to the sun and the wind, it creates a temperature difference of up to 15 degrees Celsius between the top and the base. This difference was probably used to study the various effects of climate change on crops. Its believed that Moray was an experimental agricultural station.

You will continue the tour visiting the salt mines of Maras. During the pre-Inca period, salt was obtained in Maras by evaporating the saltwater that was taken from an underground deposit. Such high levels of salinity in the water have flowed in this area for hundreds of years. The main channel flowed through the mountain and down to all the pools. As the salt saturates the water, its crystals precipitate out of the water. There are over 3,000 salt flats, so when light is reflected off these sites the view is Impressive.

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Meeting Point:

If you are not staying at a hotel or within the coverage area, you will be informed of a meeting point 24 hours before the activity.


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  • Professional bilingual guide